CodidWeb Platform

Our mission

To decentralise the web's computing infrastructure. We believe in an open, self-sovereign web that gives people control over their own data and provides opportunity for the many, not the few.

We're creating a dWeb platform for developers, built using the best open-source decentralised solutions, to enable seamless creation and deployment of fully decentralised applications.

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We've mapped out the layers emerging in the decentralised web, to help us understand what a developer platform might encompass.


User Interfaces
The way people interact with applications (E.g. web, VR)


Developer APIs
Enabling creation of applications by composing decentralised components


Decentralised website naming
P2P send and receive messages
P2P payments and value exchange
Any service that can become P2P
E.g. Real estate, Ecommerce, Voting


Fungible Token
Tradeable units of value that power and incentivise ecosystems & communities
E.g. Bitcoin, Ether
Non-Fungible Token
Proof of authenticity / ownership / provenace of a unique digital or physical asset
E.g. Art, Games, Cars, Properties


Cryptographic Access Control
Private key encryption and management
Identity Management
DID + Verifiable Credentials + Personal data store
Smart Contracts
Self-executing agreements written in code


Distributed Ledger
Consensus-driven shared data log
E.g. Blockchain, DAG
Persistent storage
Save and backup data
Query engine
Index and retrieve data

Operating System

Distributed Filesystem
Store and access files
Distributed Computing
Process data and execute logic
Peer-to-Peer Networking
Share data directly between nodes, without a relay server
E.g. Libp2p
Virtual Machine
Run programs independently of the host platform

A first look at how we envision an open development platform working, from our research hub.

Codi platform